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120 New Customers PER MONTH?:

What if you had just moved to Laramie and needed to find a dentist. Maybe a student at the University of Wyoming has a dental emergency. Whatever the circumstance, your potential customers will fire up a computer and search the web for local dental services. If you're on the first page of Google then you're MOST LIKELY to get a phone call to schedule an appointment. If you're not then all bets are off. Did you know that every month there are on average 70 searches for "dentist Laramie WY" and an additional 50 searches for the slightly shorter version "Laramie dentist." That is over 120 potential customers PER MONTH looking for your services. These are what are called the "money" keywords. These represent prospective customers trying to find YOU! Imagine having a mobile-optimized, searchable website that fills your office with new customers. At Domain Potentials we build responsive, optimized sites to help you fill your office with new customers. It's that simple.

What's for sale:

  • The premium domain
  • The website found at
  • Local keyword research
  • Multi-tiered marketing plan for both organic listings (SEO), Advertising (PPC), and Google Places Business listings
Upon purchasing you will take ownership of the site and domain name it will all be yours! We will work with you to transfer it to your registrar and web hosting agency. We also offer website redesign services to align the site with your preferred look and feel. Additionally, we can continue to partner to optimize your digital marketing strategy and implementation. LaramieDentistSearchEstimates

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